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Hi! I am Dominique, young, professional and independent therapist loving my job. Also it's my first time in Norway.❣️

Эта реклама не предлагает какие-либо услуги сексуального характера, поэтому, пожалуйста, не запрашивайте такого типа услуги.

Matahari Spa

Oslo center
0150 Oslo



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*Want to try something new? Read below*

I am certified therapist for sport/relax and tantric massage.
During my years of practice me and my girlfriends created our own ⚜️Matahari massage concept⚜️ consisted of:

⚜️ Full understanding and good communication with my client (man, woman, couple)
⚜️ High standard of tantric massage and technique
⚜️ Unforgettable atmosphere
⚜️ Mental release
⚜️ Surprising yourself how your body can react on pressure points

During our session I will explain you what tantric massage is about, how to use your respiration to reach almost meditation stage and anything you will be interested about this beautiful work. I am staying in warm and cozy studio suitable for sessions.

*So let's enjoy and try with me:*
60 min (for 1500)
90 min (for 1600)
120 min (for 2000)

Longer sessions also possible. Recommended time is 90 min to learn you breathing technique. I have also prepared nonalcoholic drinks and small refreshments for you.

*Enjoy little bit more😇:*
✔️ Matahari spa procedure - me and our homemade body scrub is ready to care for your body in shower (200)

✔️ Art of body to body - It's not just sliding. You will be surprised how warm body can heal you (300)

✔️ Prostate - enjoy the feeling of man's G spot (200)

✔️ Dominant massage - do you like to feel woman's dominance and energy? This type of massage is created just for you. (500)

Tantra learning changed my life. I want to show you the power of it 😇.

☎️ Reach me via sms/call, WhatsApp or Viber: +47 967 50 236 (you will communicate with my girlfriend Sara)

❌I just mention that tantric massage is NOT sexual service. I have never done it and never will. Everyone who will ask about sex etc. will be not answered.❌

🔜 Soon will be available our website, where you can find more information and our story.
I am so happy to announce you that my Matahari team is ready to spread the joy and love in Norway!


Тел. +47 96750236

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